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Education in India

India is developing country with Population of approximately 1.13 billion†. The education system in India is heavily subsidized by the Indian government.  The primary language of education system depends on the state government and there are over 200 different Indian languages with English in the higher education. Indian education was well recognized by the world.

The literacy rate is approximately 65 % with 75% men and 54 % women†. The enrollment for the 2001-2002 academic years with a 113 million for the Primary education, 45 million for mid and upper preliminary education and the higher secondary education is 30 million. Higher education in Art, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine were provided with Indian Government as well as private organizations.

Elementary Class

Elementary School

India's governement to all citizens of India, but the education isn't always top of the line. The elementary education starts from first grade to fifth grade.The children are from very poor families. Though the school system in India is good, there are several schools without basic needs such adequate physical education condition, supplies and not enough teachers to teach the children.

The Kumara Foundation goal is to adopt a school (or more) and to improve the basic learning condition, hiring teacher\s, and paying their salaries. WE also would like to provide funding education supplies; books, note books, and other school supplies.

High School

Kumara Foundation's focus is to adopt several rural(village) middle and high schools to provide support for their education. The current major goal for middle and high school to provide small scholarships for the deserving students from grade 6 through 12 as an encouragement and to develop a healthy competition among the students which in turn could improve the overall students academic performance.

Barur Government High School


Rural area school students and their parents often have very little or no idea regarding available higher education, such as college. The Kumara Foundation assisted with past students ,f,and various people in higher jobs will provide a guidance to help the high school student and their parents regarding the student future education choice and guide them through the application and admission process.The Kumara Foundation and other people have been helping high school students aswell as their parents, to encourage them to go to college and have showed them that there is a possible way to achieve their dreams. The Kumara Foundation highly values education adn believes that every single child has the right to a good education even if they aren't able to afford it. For students who have wonderful grades ,we have decided to give them well deserved scholarships.


Guidance is important to achieve once goal. Some of the student may have idea but without proper guidance to achieve their goal is difficult. It is hard to know the procedure, step to apply for United States or other countries for the higher education students.


If Kumara foundation was approached, it will help in connection to roper networking and guidance to the student’s dream of obtaining higher studies\Post Doctoral Research. For an example, Doctoral student in India, who is submitted thesis and waiting for the comments from the Indian and Foreign examiner and viva, normally take about a year. During which time, Doctoral student work in their department and complete the research article submission process and also start the applying for Post Doctoral fellowship in various countries and learning about the united state, life style. The life style in India and united state or any other country is very different.

The role of Kumara Foundation is to help to connect proper people and ease their application process by guiding them to help to match the field and place of their PDF. At this time Kumara Foundation does not plan to provide any funding, since it is out of our scope.

Indian Woman

Poor, Elderly, and Sick People

India is the world's second largest country with a population of approximately 1.13 billion. India crossedthe one billion mark in the year 2000; one year after the world's population crossed the six billion thresholds. India population growth rate is 1.38% (2007 est.), Birth rate: 22.69 births per 1,000 population (2007 est.) and Death rate: 6.58deaths per 1,000 populations(2006 est.). The literacy rate in India is 79.9%. There is about 22% (2006 est) of the population under the poverty line with raising 7.8% Unemployment Rate.

The life expectancy at birth for total population is 68.59 years, male: 66.28 years and female: 71.17 years (2007 est.).Wikipedia] In the real life and based on the above data there are lot of uneducated elderly and poor, who has no one to take care in their final years. The Key focus of Kumara Foundation is to locate some of the poor, elderly and sick people and provide them on a regular basis one meal per day, preferably a lunch. Kumara foundation is planning to provide one meal per day for about 20 deserving, hopeless, elderly poor, sick people from one village. The selection of the people to receive the free lunch will be carefully analyzed through research and interview by Kumara Foundation’s Indian board member\s with the approval of entire Board Member’s and President.