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Project 8: Support the Sick patients visiting local hospital

There is no centralized or medical insurance system in India. Rich people can afford get a treatment by choosing private hospitals. Poor people cannot afford to spend such huge money, so they often go to Government Hospital for free clinic. Sick people may have to walk or ride bicycle for few miles to get to the hospital. Free clinics are always crowded and often take several hours before get to see the doctor. These people are sick and waiting for hours to see the doctor, there are some may have not eaten for hours.


Kumara foundation understands this situation and tries to help a few by locating and proving small money for them to get some food or drinks. With help of a local Government hospital Pharmacist, who is also member of kumara foundation, try to locate the patients in need and donates a little money to buy a coffee or pay for a break fast.


Project 9: Providing Breakfast and lunch for a needy women:

Kumara foundation providing breakfast and lunch for a physically weak woman who has no financial support. The reason for the food support is for her to gain back her energy and get back on back feet. This funding was from a single donor and Kumara foundation thanks the donor.

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