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Project 1: School Uniform for a Elementary School childrens

In the month may 2008, the Kumara foundation committee members looked at several school in need for support. With careful consideration, foundation choose a very under developed elementary school at Sellgudapatti, India.

Mr. B. A. Rajarathinam distributing Uniforms to Sellagudapatti Elementary School Students

The total number ofstudents from grade 1 to grade 5 is 20 boys and 21 girls. There only one head master and one teacher was appointed by the government. The students are from poor families, their parents income depends on daily farmland work. Kumara Foundation provided a set of uniform for all the students at the above school.

New Teacher

Project 2: Appoinment of a teacher to reduce the work load of the elementary school

Sellgudapatti elementary school was provided with two teachers to teach 5 different grade for the whole school time. This school was under performed and none of the student for years gone for higher studies,most of them did not completed their high school diploma. Based on our committee

observation and by the request of the Head Master Kumara foundation hired a teacher to teach at the Sellgudapatti elementary school The annual salary of was donated by single donor.

Project 3: Water tank for the elementary school

Kumara Foundation funded a project to construct a water tank to store the water provided by the village to use for the drinking and other purpose. Without a water tank, the water cannot be stored for drinking or the rest rooms. There are no public restroom, so student and teachers. With the construction of water tank, the village water can be stored and used for drinking andrest rooms for several days.

New Water Tank

The cost of construction the water tank was gift from three donors. Kumara Foundation and Children of School thanks the donors for thier support.

Life after High School Motivational speech:

Kumara foundation committed to help motivate and encourage the student to learn and excel in their studies. In order to encourage the students and their parents, Kumara foundation strongly believe in lecture series by various professional design to create awareness on higher education possibilities as well the carrier opportunities in the world after completing High School.

Our first Life after High school Motivational speech was delivered by Mr. S.M. Kumar, ME Software Engineer from Florida, and USA on 1-08-2009. Mr. Kumar is well recognized Software engineer with over 20 years of software engineering experience. Mr. Kumar is excellent speaker and delivered several talk in various countries. It is an honor to have him deliver the motivational Speech.

This motivational lecture was organized by Kumara Foundation India division Directors Mr. Mahadeva Rao and   Mr.Ramakrishna Rao with help of our most valuable member of Kumara Foundation Mr.S. Devendrakumar, Head Master, Sellagudapatti Elementary School and Mr. Mohamed Yaseen Nasseera MSc, M.Phil, M.A, M.Phil, Vice Principal, TSN College, Chennai.  Kumara Foundation thanks the kind help and co operation Barur Government Higher Secondary School Head Master M. Shanmuganathan, Assistant HM and Mr. Anbalagan, MCA, computer science teacher.  The 10 th, 11 th and 12 th grade students and their parents attended this talk. This event was a very successful event with lot of positive feed back both from the students and their parents.

Motivational Speech

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